Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pic a Week 2008

The Pic a Day was very hard to do so to make things easier on myself as well as keep up the challenge of finding new things and ways of capturing them i will just do a Pic a Week this time.

The pic above was taken on the first day of the new year with my Pentax K10D and new Pentax DA40/2.8 Limited.
It was raining heavily, the light was low so the lens was wide open and propped up on a stack of DVD's and coins on top of the Kitchen bench at right angles to the window... i used auto focus as it is a self portrait.

Week 1:
Heavy Rain had caused severe flooding and we walked in to Little Nerang Dam for a look.
I used the Pentax DA 12-24 lens wide open at 12mm f4 1/2000 to try and stop the motion of the water smashing into the bottom of the spillway then got as close as i dared to the water, there was no spray as the force of the water moved the spray about 40 metres down stream.

Week 2:
There is still a lot of rain around so Queen Mary Falls was still flowing strongly.
The Flooding had caused damage to the railing of the walkway in front of the falls.
i included this family walking past to give some perspective to the shot with the Pentax DA12-24/4 at 14mm f4 1/750

Week 3:
Natural Arch in the Gold Coast Hinterland was formed when the creek broke through the roof of a cave leaving an arch of rock over the creek.
DA 12-24/4 at 12mm F16 1/45

Week 4:
I was up at Gympie and captured the Mary Valley Rattler returning from a trip to Imbil.
DA12-24/4 at 12mm

Week 5:
I was visiting some friends on a very rainy weekend and tried some low light shots of Aaron at 100mm f2.8 iso 800.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Week 6:
this was a striped marsh frog cooled in the fridge to slow it down then placed on some bark and captured at F19 1/125 with a FA100/2.8 Macro and flash with stofen diffuser
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Week 7:
I found this 25mm long Gecko inside my brake rotor when i was working on my truck and grabbed a pic using the flash and the FA100/2.8 Macro at F19 1/125
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Week 8:
The lights of the Gold Coast lit up the southern horizon and the full moon helped add a bit of light to the foreground.
I used the DA12-24/4 at F4 and 30 seconds so luckily it was a very still night.

Week 9:
This was shot through a dirty glass wall so i used a bit of exposure offset to improve the haze.
shot using my new Pentax K20D and the old FA*300/4.5
How much can a Polar Bear ???

Week 10:
I was standing on the Jacobs Well Public Jetty next to the boat ramp, i grabbed this pic with the K20D and DA12-24/4 at F8 1/250.

Week 11:
At a BBQ on the weekend i captured "the look"
Pentax K20D DA16-50/2.8 at F5.6 1/60 iso 1600

Week 12:
I attended the SSS Winch Challenge on the easter weekend and captured the navi climbing the hill dragging the winch cable behind him ...
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 at 50mm F4 1/350

Week 13:
The Fan ...
Pentax K20D and FA43/1.9 Limited at f8 1/60 with flash and diffuser

Week 14:
Morning on the jetty...
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 at 24mm F5.6 1/500

Week 15:
Lights coming through the steam at the mud run during Tuff Truck.
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 with AF540FGZ flash at 50mm F13 1/180 iso 800

Week 16:
A storm at sea gave me a good background to the wreck of the SS Dicky near Caloundra.
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 at 12mm F4 1/750 iso 100

week 17:
The beach at Burleigh Heads provided the backdrop for this shot.
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 at 12mm 1/1500 F19 iso 1600

Week 18:
i was showered in damp dirt and stones during the barrel race at Landcruiser Mountain Park.
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 at 50mm f4 1/1000 iso 100

Week 19:
Michael stuck during the Protruck Challenge
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 iso 100

Week 20:
Spotted the moon over the Panyiyiri Greek Festival in Brisbane.
Pentax K20D and FA*300/4.5 F11 1/180 iso 100

Week 21:
early morning pic at Pimpama
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 F4 1/15 iso 100 12mm

week 22:
Pentax K20D and FA43/1.9 F1.9 1/30 iso 1600

week 23:
pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 F4 1/125 iso 800 16mm

week 24:
spotted this balloon in the distance on the way to work...
Pentax K20D and FA*300/4.5 at f8 1/2000 iso 800

week 25:
a 2 pic panorama of a waterfall on Currumbin creek...
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 at 12mm

week 26:
tapped out...
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 at 24mm f8 1/125 iso 100

week 27:
Pentax K20D and FA100/2.8 macro at f8 1/125 flash iso 100

week 28:
camped out...
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4

week 29:
outback pub...
taken at the birdsville hotel at sunset.
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4

week 30:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24 15mm f4 1/180 iso 100

week 31:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 50mm f4 1/2000 iso 800
watersports ...

week 32:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4 12mm f8 1/90 iso 100
peeking ...

week 33:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8 19mm f4 1/500 iso 100
windscreen washer...

week 34:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24
old pub...

week 35:
Pentax K20D and DA*50-135/2.8 at 135mm F8 1/250 iso 100

week 36:
Pentax K20D and FA100/2.8 Macro at F2.8 1/500 iso 100
since its fathers day ...
Dad ...

week 37:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4

week 38:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8

week 39:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8
bush television...

week 40:
Pentax K20D and FA100/2.8 Macro

week 41:
Pentax K20D and DA*50-135/2.8

Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4
misty dawn...

week 43:
Pentax K20D and DA*50-135/2.8

week 44:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8
friends at the fair...

week 45:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8
Jimna Rally...

week 46:
Pentax K20D and FA100/2.8 macro and F 1.7x AF adapter
bees knees...

week 47:
Pentax K20D and DA*50-135/2.8
mud pursuit...

week 48:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4
on top of the world...

week 49:
Pentax K20D and DA12-24/4
into the deep...

week 50:
Pentax K20D and FA100/2.8 macro

week 51:
Pentax K20D and DA*16-50/2.8
Santa and his JohnDeere...

week 52:
Pentax K20D and DA 12-24/4 F5.6 30seconds
Look to the Stars...

Well, thats the end of the year and another project completed :-)

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