Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Drive

Went for a Sunday drive through Ipswich and then up the back way to Toowoomba with Ron and Jo.

Beside the Bremmer river railway bridge.

Jo enjoying the morning sun

something else enjoying the morning sun

Had to try didn't I ...

wandered over to Saint Marys for a look

hitching posts

We stopped at Grandchester for a bit of a squizz

Aussie Tardis ??

we drove on past the Lockyer Hotel

then stopped at Spring Bluff Railway Station

Then after a late lunch at Toowoomba we headed for home.

Thanks to Jo and Ron for the great Company.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fingal Head

John, Steve and I headed down to Fingal on saturday morning meeting up with Jo and Ron at the Lighthouse on Fingal Headland at the first faint glimmer of light.

looking east over the volcanic outcrop towards the little island offshore

there is a narrow channel that you can cross at low tide if your game to get out to the extremity

the sun started to peek over the horizon

looking back towards the mainland

looking back at the waves surging through the channel

then it was dodge the wave surges and sprint back to the mainland

and with one final look at the lighthouse we headed off

to Coolangatta for breakfast...

Steve was still feeling the effects of someone spiking his Vodka with orange juice

Ron enjoying his mugachino foam

then Steve stole my camera and shot Jo and myself, John and also Ron.

after Brekky, Jo and i wandered over to the beach to get a few shots.

Steve is probably not allowed to show his face in Coolangatta again after stirring all and sundry at the coffee shop so we headed Northwards.

We called in at Currumbin where the wildlife has made use of the man made trees

then walked out to watch the surfers but there was not much swell around.

Then it was back to the Steves for another coffee to finish off the morning.

Thanks to all the others for an enjoyable day!