Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Xmas 2005

With most people spending Christmas at home i presumed that i would have some of the tourist spots around the Gold Coast to my self [i hate crowds] i took the opportunity to go up to Springbrook for a look at Purlingbrook Falls.
[ besides, the ute is getting the dents knocked out … a huge job !! so i had to take a two wheel drive ]
I took the road up the mountain to Springbrook crossing a couple of old curved wooden bridges.

Once parked i began the walk and it wasn’t far out to the first view of the falls along the edge of a rather large drop.
There where that many people around that it was three deep waiting to get to the edge of the lookout to take a pic … if this was a quiet day then i would hate to see a busy weekend.

Descending down the track to the valley floor i came across a few of these lizards/skinks.

The track wound its way to the bottom of the falls and a concrete path and i took the opportunity to grab a few pics before turning left and heading down to the waterhole.

The creek flowed down across the rocks

then over a small waterfall

into the small dark waterhole

before flowing down over the boulders towards the coast.

Returning to the base of the falls i climbed down for a different view.

The concrete path leads around behind the falls.

Once on the other side of the falls it started persisting down with a huge tropical downpour which had the two kilometer track up to the top running like a river with cascades flowing over the steps.
I was quickly soaked and the camera gear also got wet inside the bag so i had a rush trip back home so that i could dry it all out.