Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter 2009

With the usual camping spots overcrowded at Easter we decided to go to our secret spot near Mt Buggery for the 4 days even though it looked like being a wet weekend.

I arrived about midnight on thursday night after a good late night run up the highway avoiding the holiday traffic chaos and set up the tent in the light rain, Joffs Family and John had already gone to bed and I was soon settled in for the night.

Friday morning i drove out to the main track to put up a sign and Joe and Karen arrived so i followed them back to camp and joined the others around the campfire.

A few of us took advantage of a break in the rain and wandered off to see what we could photograph.

On Saturday i headed off up the steep clay hills of Mt Buggery for a drive to recharge the batteries

On top of the hills is a Deer farm

The Blackbuck Antelopes were on the hill a fair distance away so I decided to give the A*600/5.6 Lens a try out with the A-1.4xL Teleconverter on it making it an 840mm F8.0 lens and shoot from the truck as i drove otherwise they would take off if you got out.

This Bull was pretty close but i was safe inside my truck

I only saw this bird through the lens as it was too far away to see with my naked eye. Its a 100% crop of the bird out of the Pic.

Joff caught up to me while i was shooting the Roos so i packed the A*600 away and we headed back towards camp.

We headed back over Mt Buggery past the sign [just to prove its a real place in Queensland]

We stopped at an old set of cattle yards for a look before heading back to camp.

Sunday Morning after a breakfast of easter eggs we headed in to Imbil for a coffee
and to wait for the Steam Train to come in.

Joff and i wandered down the track to the railway bridge to ambush the train
we waited ... and waited ... and waited ...

and a Diesel arrived instead !!

Afterwards we left Angie, Tim and the kids along with Chad and Mollie his faithfull hound and headed back to camp along the road through the rolling hills with the weather no better.

Back at camp we found a small frog to photograph

The weather stayed wet so on Monday Morning we packed up in the rain and headed back to Imbil for a last coffee then headed off our separate ways.

It was really good to meet up with Greg,Sonya,Jessica and Connor on their trip aound OZ ... but Queensland did not put out a very warm welcome for them :-)