Friday, January 1, 2010

My Vehicles

Had to trawl through my old photo albums to find these so the old pics are just scans of faded photographs, some I just had to google to find a similar pic to my vehicle.

My first vehicle was bought when i was about 12 with a few mates for about $10.00
Every time we tried to slide sideways it fell over and caught fire ... after a couple of dozen times we couldn't put the fire out and we lost it.
Similar 1950 Ford Prefect Ute...
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A couple of mates and I bought this for $25.00 in perfect condition ... the distributor cap cracked and it wouldn't run so we left it there on the side of a private road.
similar 1950 Jowett Javelin...
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A couple of mates and I bought this bike ... the clutch lever was missing and it had two gears operated by a lawn mower throttle type lever.
To start it one of us jumped on and the others pushed it down hill to start it then when it came time to change riders the second one jumped on and the first jumped off while it was still driving ... we couldn't get it started one day so we left it.
similar 650 BSA...
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I bought this bike as it was bigger than my mates 70's but never really liked two strokes after that.
Suzuki TS90... Me with my sister on the back...
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This is the first time i drove at 100MPH ... it was a scary experience ... half a turn of steering lock, bald tyres, no brakes, no rego and no licence on a narrow bumpy one lane strip of bitumen leading to a T intersection.
similar 1959 Ford Zephyr
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I bought this bike as i had gotten my Learners Permits and needed a registered bike ... i blew the motor up within a week or so.
similar Honda SL 100
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I traded the SL 100 in on my first brand new Bike.
Honda XL 100 ... my mum sitting on it and my dog Kelly in front.
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My Dad gave me his Panel Van when i got my car licence but i broke it in half the first day doing a jump.
similar 1961 Holden EK Panel Van
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I bought this HR from the local car yard even though HR's were selling cheaper in Melbourne ...
What the car yard didn't realise is that it was a very rare 186S powered 4 speed HRS with Disc Brakes and standard interior.
There was lots of things different to most HR's, 186S's and X2's like bearings, brackets and other driveline bits ... had a lot of trouble getting spare parts for it,a lot of the stuff was the same part numbers as the later 327 Bathurst Monaros so it may have been a "designed for racing" model?
I picked it up saturday lunch time and my mates and I drove to Sydney and back on saturday night for a hamburger and i dropped it back in on monday morning for its free 1500 mile service.
1967 Holden HRS...
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Bought this SL70 and restored it for something to do...
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Can't remember what happened with this one.
1958 Holden FC Panel Van...
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Restored this one and sold it straight after.
1966 Holden HR...
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Bought this as an unfinished project with a dismantled motor sitting in the back.
rebuilt it but had trouble registering it as they couldn't find what a VP3100x--- motor was ... turned out to be a special 186 from one of holdens Bathurst XU1 toranas with extremely thick liners and other bits different to stock.
when i bored it to a 192 the borer said it still had more liner thickness than a standard 179 HP block.
Over several years i replaced just about every panel with brand new stuff and it was in better nick than a brand new one but was a pig to drive under 60MPH but would cruise at 90MPH all day long.
lost interest and traded it in on a V8 ute.
1964 Holden EH Panel Van...
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Bought this to do up but it wasn't up to my standards so i ended up making a trailer out of it to match my Panel Van.
1964 Holden EH Ute...
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Bought this brand new on my birthday when i couln't start my old 750 honda
Suzuki GSX1100EZ... [my caravan in the background]
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